Saturday, April 20, 2013

Please Welcome our Newest Design Team Members

WOW, what can we say!! 36 Entrants into our Design Team Call.... it did actually make choosing our 2 new members very difficult.  

So we decided to pick 4 instead! 

We just could not make up our minds! I felt like a Cardinal at the Conclave voting for a new Pope! (Well not really) All that was missing was the Sistine Chapel and a 100 or so Cardinals with some white smoke!! (okay now I am getting carried away!!)

As you know, it was a whole team vote, just like we do for our winners and top 5 each and every week.  Everyone gets to say their bit:-) We are more than a team we are a family:-) Therefore picking the right people was extremely important to us.  We just didn't pick on your talents alone, we took so many aspects into consideration

So... out of 36 Entrants... Please welcome:

As I am sure you agree, their work is totally outstanding, and they are all, really sweet ladies to boot! WELCOME GIRLS - we are so honoured to have you come and play with us:-)

Now I can understand everyone else is feeling rather disheartened, because we haven't picked you.  Please, Please DO NOT beat yourselves up about it, it really was a very hard choice, and we think each and every one of you is talented in your own very special way.  

It really was wonderful to see so many new people to blogging and card making, we hope you will continue in the crafting world of blogging, and we look forward to seeing your work evolve as you become more experienced:-) So Please make sure you enter into our Challenge's !!!!

  Honestly I think we could have added just about all of you! But alas we could not.  Even picking out 4 is making our team up to 22 people!!  I really am an old woman who lived in a shoe now! - (She had so many children she didn't know what to do.... hahahaha Well It's a little like that!)

But the fun doesn't stop there....

We have decided to offer 6 Guest Design Team spots to the following:

If you would love to be our Guests, then please send an email to: and we will pop you into Debbie D and Louise's very capable hands!  

We would like you to be a guest for 1 month each, a total of 4 cards, one each week:-) You will also receive   a guest Design Team Badge for your blogs:-) 

Well that is it, Thank you all so much for taking part in our Design Team Call, we don't have them very often, so it will be a long time before another one, but please make sure you enter into our challenges - we will be watching!!!!

Lots of Cuddles
Karen, Kylie, Debbie and the girls from Magnolia Down Under Design Team

P.S Out lastest winners will be announced later tonight, and our next awesome challenge starts tomorrow morning!!! We look forward to seeing your gorgeous work!


  1. Stunning work by your new DT members, I'm not at all surprised they were chosen, congratulations to you all. xxx
    Thank you very much for offering me a GDT spot I would absolutely love to do it, I will email you shortly, have a wonderful weekend. Hugs Teresa xxx

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  3. Well done everyone, it was a pleasure to enter and as it was said there is always next time..

  4. oh wauw you realy had a hard time! yhese creations are beautiful!
    i am a little sad though that i am not picked but i can understand why!
    i will keep taps on your blog and enter the challanges!!
    i had a lot of fun entering! thakl you for this chance!
    and congrats too all you lucky ones!!!

    kiss sammiej

  5. Stunning DT's! And a big thanks for offering me a GDT! I'll send an mail soon.
    Hugs Frida

  6. Congratulations for the new designmembers. But I understand it was very hard. Everyone sent really pieces of art in. I wish I was so talented ;)
    Love Fenneke

    1. Just wanted to say a huge congratulations to the lucky 4 & the ohters chosen to guest design. Where was I when this DT call was going on?!! Not sure but I managed to completely miss it...gutted!!! However if I had have been lucky enough to have been chosen then I wouldn't be able to play along with my favourite Magnolia challenge would I?!! So to those who entered & wasn't selected please bear this in mind. I know it can be a big dissapointment, but 'every cloud' and all that.

      Congrats to the existming team for grabbing yoursleves 4 mega talented new members and can't wait to see what you lovely ladies create!

      Take Care all, Deb.x

    2. Aw Deb - so sorry you missed the DT call but that was said so beautifully - THANK YOU for putting a fabulous perspective on it. And thank you for always giving us such beautiful eye candy to check out.

  7. Great selection of DT's can't wait till all their work is displayed well done and grats hugs xx